So this article will serve as my introductory article, as well as my first "blog entry" for ipernity. So I am a newcomer to the ipernity world after being completely tired of a constantly changing flickr. It became too inconvenient to use and ipernity restores that sense of familiarity that I had with the earlier version of flickr. I believe its always good to be trying new things.

So... I will first start off with a brief introduction. I am Jan. A programmer from New Jersey with a side hobby of photographing utility poles. The concept of this hobby sparked when I was very young, and it has stuck with me since. I am also a computer programmer with another side hobby of working with computer hardware. When I'm not out shooting utility poles, I am usually playing around with computer components.

So onto my first entry for my ipernity blog.

Ipernity is definitely a new website to me. I was introduced to ipernity by a friend from Flickr. Its a bit to adjust to, but it is still extremely user friendly. Flickr on the other hand... I have no idea what they were thinking when they developed their new layout.I understand it will be easier for mobile devices, but the majority of people using the internet are still desktops and laptops. Ipernity also has the unique advantage of being more than a photo sharing site, with the option of writing articles like these. You also have the option of creating docs, although I haven't really looked into that feature yet. Its going to take me a bit to get myself settled into ipernity since I am lacking a bit of free time.

To end this, I want to make anote that all the pictures that were recently added to ipernity are my first images that I uploaded to flickr. I am trying to push my entire Flickr photostream to ipernity, although that may take a while considering the fact that I have well over 1,000 images. I think its cool to see them uploaded a new again because many of the photos that I have taken are poles that no longer exist, or have since been modified. So while I wait for my quota to be reset, I'll be commenting on all of my old images, talking about updates with them (if I remember wher I took them @.@).

Anyway, thats it for this article. Talk to you all on the next one.

-Jan Chris T.
P.S. - I may be uploading more than just utility poles on my ipernity, so that's just a heads up.