W hot tub finished-onto the grout ell I finished tiling the hot tub and it turned out better than I expected! It is so amazing what you can do with 'crap' that most people throw
away. I had this and a matching styrofoam piece from an Egyptian pharoah head statue I lugged back from Florida when I went there in May. The styrofoam pieces were molded to fit the statue and they looked like a perfect dolly hot tub/jacuzzi! I pulled some glass tiles sheets I had in my stash that I purchased at home depot and began- I didn't think it would hold up but the form did. So I purchased more tiles to do the interior. I have not yet grouted the tiles but it looks so nice I may just bypass it and use it for my own displays. A spa would be nice for the dolls to relax. I have so many dioramas and things I am working on right now my feet hit the floor in the morning thinking of what I'm going to design and build next in 1:6 scale!
On the floor- it is scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, the two little terra cotta jars are from a miniature potter called Alex Mechiljohn- you can only buy his stuff at miniature shows. The two plants are from Michael's. I sewed the towel wrap for Poppy. I would like to do an indepth spa retreat diorama for a storyline I have had spinning in my head for the residents of Barbietown.
I also added some photos of my two classroom shelves which will be used for other dioramas as well- right now I have a high school class and elementary school classroom. The original intention was to build a structure with cafeteria, classrooms, hallway with lockers and aplayground. Problem is I ran out of room. Had already drew the plans and everything- that is what the clear glass tiles were for, the hallway of the school. I will probably switch out the props for my Victorian schoolroom props for the one room school house I want to do for my Little House on the Prairie scenes- I have alot of those desks and props ready for that diorama for my Victorian citizens of Barbietown as well. Enjoy the pictures!