I have been meaning to do this little project and was surprised and amazed at how very easy and fun it is- and isn't that what collecting fashion dolls is all about? I had seen sock sweaters done by Vanessa of Vans Dolls Treasures on her blog as well as Julie's doll inventory on Flicker. Julie takes sleeves or parts of clothing found at the goodwill, thrift stores and creates adorable doll dresses out of them- watching her it really is apparent that you can create some amazing doll clothes without having to be the haute couture doll artist or have very little sewing skills!

My dryer eats socks. This was the reason I went thru my sock drawer and found alot of onesies that would work. The thinner the sock, the better looking your doll dress or sweater will be. I still have part of this sock that will become a hoodie and a cap! I am frugal by nature and if I can make, I am up for it! I found some of my favorite golf socks that are worn out, so my dolls will probably have cute little golf sweaters too.

This dress is essentially a tube dress and the sleeves are little tubes as well. I cut the sock and the little ruffle at the bottom was the top of the sock, so I didn't have to hem it- just sew a straight line like Julie said! My Barbie Basics Jade needed some dress love, so she is already to model at LaBelle's for Romaine...I hope you enjoy this album as I am gonig to be attempting more sewing projects for restyled fashions for the dolls.