I have been far too busy as I said in June to upload too many photos and there are a ton of dolls that have arrived who are begging me for their pics to be taken, or to be taken out of the box. Fact is now that summer is here, alot of my charitable endeavors/committments have slowed down and I am able to have some focus time. One of the projects on my 1:6 scale list is coming about. I posted about this on my blog
theonesixthscaledollhouse.blogspot.com this morning. I have alot of details that need work before this can be ready by the end of August.
I won't be posting photos until the project/diorama is almost done. If you read my blog post you'll see how very large it is- I will be posting more photos as It comes along. Alot of research went into it for my miniature fashion designer- Rock steady Romaine became Romaine Jean-Francois LaBelle du Plessis- my miniature haute couture designer in my doll town. The history of fashion has always fascinated me, and this hot new designer needs a setting worthy of his ancestors Rose Bertin, 'Minister of Fashion ' to Queen Marie Antoinette and the House of Worth. You could say Fashion is in his blood from his bio!
The sneak peeks of this project are on my blog photos and more info will be coming soon on its Grand Opening!~Lisa