...mainly because I've been busy! Have been doing a major housecleaning and getting rid of STUFF. Hubby and I were sitting about one day and decided that we did not use half of the items in the cabinets, etc and just wanted to downsize. Most we put in our yard sale last weekend...and moved some of it along. Mainly dishes, clothing and household items that just aren't used.
The good 'stuff' I began to sell on ebay. Maybe someone else can collect it. I used to be a big collector of fine china and crystal...but that was until I discovered how much more fun it is to collect dolls and build a town for them! lol......
Already moved some of the good items along and I am finding new ones as I clean out our collections and displays and closets. WHo knew two people could get so many items in one house??? tinyurl.com/ydd6la is our Ebay auction link- and some of these items are also the large scale Bespaq furniture in 1:3 and smaller scales that are damaged and broken, great for your prop and diorama projects!
All of this has cut deeply into my doll time- and I have been deluged by dolls in the past few days---four W club dolls have arrived! Just uploaded pics of the three Poppies and Love the one Kyori- enjoy!