Many people on Flicker do not know that I am also a dealer in the dollhouse miniature world as well as the fashion doll world. I specialize in the larger scales of quality doll furniture for fashion dolls such as 1:6 (for Barbie, Fashion Royalty) 1:4 scales (Ellowyne, Gene and Tyler) and 1:3 (American Girl, My Twinn, French fashion poupees, bjd's and more)

Shown are pictures of some examples of 1:3 and 1:12 scale styles of Bespaq doll and dollhouse furniture, as well as promo pictures of my previous miniature & doll shop opened in 2009 (we closed in 2011) King William Miniatures & Collectibles
I worked in 2007-2008 to debut my exclusive with the help of the company Bespaq International Corporation to introduce my 1:6 scale wingchairs manufactured by Bespaq, designed by me, Lisa Neault for the 1:6 scale fashion doll community, which were a success. Wingchair pictured below is from our Viceroy series. I still sell many of the tea tables, highboys and fine quality 1:6 scale furniture by Bespaq, please check my links.

My Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios, sells a variety of novelties, as well as the doll furniture, accessories, building supplies and components for dollhouse building. I also occassionally sell antiques, china and crystal since I am a passionate collector of that as well. Beautiful items have always captured my attention. is the link to our Ebay store. is a link to my Atelier Lisa- Miniature food album here on Ipernity. I usually upload pics of my newest creations which are usually immediately listed in my Etsy store Pumpkin Hill Studios,

Right now, I am currently open for commissions for 1:6 scale foods if you are interested. You may contact me with your questions on large scale Bespaq doll furniture or other inquiries at
My shop motto: " We create Small Things that Bring BIG Smiles!"

Owner, designer, and miniature artisan- Lisa Neault