Goodbye Flicker- Hello Ipernity!

I am somewhat divided on the Flicker issue. While recently out of town on business, I had noticed when looking at the pics that the formatting was new, but did not have time to explore what it meant...well it means Flicker is going to be too expensive for me. I will probably keep my account, but it will go back to being free. So I am in the process of uploading all my photos over here to Ipernity. I have purchased the 8.95 for three months to see how that works, and may go for a year here. One thing I really like better than flicker here on this hosting site is the ability to blog/write ! That is so cool! As well as a guest book!

In the meantime busy collecting my dolly contacts who have moved over here, as well as working on some new projects too.Back to sculpting so hopefully I will have some great pictures of my critters I am working on as well as some more 1:6 scale foods!
Also trying to get Barbietown configured here too- which may take longer.....