I am not a professional photog, nor do I pretend to be a semi professional one, ha. I take pictures for fun, I try to do as good a job as possible, but I don't wait for the correct light etc. My husband and I go on weird road trips, one 2 week stretch each summer, with teeny ones inbetween. We try to hit the odd stuff found in books and roadsideamerica, and happen upon a few things ourselves along the way. He is more of a professional, and sometimes I will add his pictures here if I didn't take a shot, or everything I took sucked so badly that I needed to use his. But I do want to try to keep this place to my own shots, in my photo albums, more than I did in flickr.
Anyhoo, I LOVE seeing the gorgeous professional shots of America on here, it's like a new world of great roadside stuff, and I look forward to seeing more and more.