So I had a pretty low-key day. A lot of it was spent surfing around flickr and inpernity, adding tons of lovely people and seeing even more lovely dolls than before.

I do like inpernity, it reminds me a lot of old flickr, only better. I like how new flickr looks on the surface, but I think its so different from how old flickr was that it doesn't make sense. Its basically like tumblr, but tumblr and flickr are different things and flickr souldn't be trying to be tumblr. Anyway. Off my soapbox.

I went to Jomar's today, hoping that they'd have some fur. They didn't, of course. A few summers ago they had a nice rack of furs - now all they have is a hanger of velvets that are for some reason labeled furs. I didn't buy any fabrics, instead I bought some tanks and shorts that I could beat up and turn into doll clothes. They were better than the actual fabric options I think.

Problem is, i just went to go start cutting them up and my throat just about closed up. My allergies have been killing me and for some reason I've become allergic to clothing stores. I go into Targets, Walmarts, any place with clothes and I get all red-eyed and snotty. So I'm going to have to wash the clothes before cutitng them up, which is a smart idea anyway. Now my throat is killing me.

Another issue is we just got a new dog. Its technically my parents dog, but they are both gone and left me here with her. She is an absolute sweetheart and tiny. However she is very needy when it comes to people. She doesn't like being away from people at all. Not even next to you on the floor, she has to be right up under you. And every time I go anywhere she goes and if I try and put her in her crate for a few minutes she starts whinning and i'm afraid she'll pee if she'll go to the bathroom on herself if she gets really upset. Its just hard when I have to go downstairs for a few seconds to grab something and she gets so upset she has to come after me.

But back to doll things. I ordered some fur from for a reasonable price. However it wasn't until after I paid that they told me two of the swatches would b back-ordered, which I thought was pretty shitty. I'll have to check and see f there was a wanring and i just missed it. I'm hoping that comes next week so that I can make some new wigs. I need to buy new shoes and new eyes soon for Osiris and Farron. Strangely enough, Shiloh is probably the most complete doll right now.

Aaaand I ended up writing way more than I thought. This was supposed to just be an introduction. But uh, really turned into a journal entry.