Mysteries of the Night I uploaded this abstract photo to both Flickr and Ipernity yesterday morning at about the same time. On both sites the photo probably has all the immediate views it will get at the time of this writing, except for some stragglers that come in one at a time, someone here, someone there.

I have been on Flickr for more than 6 years, have uploaded more than 6,000 photos and my total views add up to nearly 1.6 million. I've been on Ipernity nearly a month, have uploaded 100 photos, and my views total nearly 1,400 at the moment. On a daily basis, I'm getting about ten times as many views on Flickr, although most of those are of my archives. Current photos still draw about 2-4 times as many views on Flickr. I also have many more contacts on Flickr.

So what sort of response -- given that murky nocturnal abstractions are not everyone's cup of tea -- did the photo receive on each site? Here are the totals:

1 favorite

2 favorites

Flickr still has an edge in views, but it's shrinking. But Ipernity has far more (real) interaction -- thoughtful comments that reflect real engagement with the photo. I have about the same number of new people making me their contact on both sites, but the ones one Flickr never leave a comment. I suspect they are new Android users skimming through and building their numbers, but that's all they're doing. In contrast, on Ipernity it's rare that a new contact doesn't leave a comment, or two, or three.

People share photos online for many reasons, but the two main ones seem to be that either they are serious about photography, or they want to share pictures documenting their lives with family and friends (and of course many want to do both). Flickr seems to be losing both kinds of people. Serious photographers are leaving for Ipernity and other photo sites. People who want to share snapshots with friends and family continue to migrate to Facebook. What's left for Flickr? Bored teenagers, scrolling through impatiently on their smart phones, playing a numbers game with pictures?

I'm not sure. I do know I feel much more comfortable here and enjoy sharing with many kinds of friends, new and old, with many different interests -- but all sharing a real commitment to photography and how it is presented.