These days, when we're not working, there's a lot of social pressure to work at working out and burning calories. But sometimes a walk in the woods is just a walk in the woods. For me, this is true more often than not -- it's a time to stroll in the woods, meditate, daydream, enjoy nature's wonders and maybe take a photo or two.

Not long after I took this photo, I received an intrusive email from the maker of one of my iPhone apps. This was my letter to them.

Open Letter to the MapMyWalk Team
Believe it or not, a walk in the woods may actually be something more than a workout opportunity, a chance to better my time or compare my performance with my peers. I might just be enjoying a meditative stroll in the gorgeous autumn leaves. I might be taking photographs. I might be daydreaming. I might be looking looking for a eureka moment, hoping Mother Nature will tickle my unconscious into solving a difficult problem. Heck, I might just be slacking off.

I downloaded your handy little free app because it seemed a useful method of measuring the distance of some of my favorite walks. I could care less about the time. Once I map it, I've got it (this little ramble through the Edgewood College woods here in Madison is 1.15 miles roundtrip -- yes, very short, and about what I thought, but -- hey -- it's nice to know exactly.)

Thank you for your nice "Looking for Motivation?" email, but please don't send me any more. You note it's been nearly two weeks since I last logged a workout and urge me to not "lose miles, calories or reps."

"Do you find logging workouts hard?," you ask (no). "If you're like a lot of us, it can be really hard ... That's why we make it really easy!" Thanks, but no thanks.

I'm not competing with anyone. I let my reps take care of themselves. I try to control my calories by managing, more or less successfully, what I eat. I don't rely on a smartphone to do it for me. And I really, really have no interest in networking with MapMyWalk workout junkies in my area, which you seem to be trying to get me to do.

Love your app, but I think of it as a GPS pedometer, not a fitness coach.

Thank you.