Confession: I love weddings... and I watch "Say Yes To The Dress" avidly. There, it's out! I love the celebration of two people in love and of their making that commitment... although after 22 years of marriage i could be a little jaded about all this hoo ha. But no, the hopeless romantic in me will not let go of the notion of everlasting love etc.. But I digress,enough about me and more on the topic

So I decided to enroll for the Wedding Photography course at Sheridan College. Our instructor is a veteran wedding photographer who worked with Boston Avenue, a Toronto wedding photography company. What I have learnt is that a lot of work goes on in every assignment, and that it is really physically demanding. A typical wedding requires at least a 10-12 hour day plus color correction, resizing etc worth another 12 hours of work.

Our first task to was to "obtain" a recently engaged couple and a newly wed couple to use as models..easier said than done! I got on Facebook, spread word around the gallery that i am a member of, asked friends for help, luckily I got the engaged couple right away. Not so easy with the newlyweds... in the end i didn't have any. If my partner hadn't asked a friend's daughter to volunteer as a bride then we would have scored a big fat zero on that assignment.
Here she is all dressed up... the location is is this great diner across from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.
For our second session we did have a couple that got married recently. They were such troopers they took directions easily and and braved 3C in the afternoon.

It was apparent from the couples that came in for the shoot, that the ladies were way more enthsiastic to get some more mileage out of their wedding gowns than their guys. Most guys feel uncomfortable posing in front of the camera and to elicit a tender moment that conveys affection and commitment under these circumstances can be like pulling teeth. It falls on the photographer to give "comforting" directions for various poses ... Chances are that if it were his wedding day, a guy would be pumped up and adrenalin might do the trick of amping up enthusiasm. Not the case on a stranger's assignement on a wedding photography class. Having said that, all the guys I worked with were fantastic(ally trained) during the shoot.....

Posing the family and the wedding party is another fun aspect of it. A three year old needs to be bribed with candy and cupcakes to stay still for a fraction of a second. And how do you pose family members that refuse to stand next to each other, or ex-spouses...ugh!

The course takes us through detailed pricing and some meticulous planning that would be valid for any photography assignment. It's a fun course and the instructor is great. From what I have seen so far I am still not sure I would want to take this up as a career.... as much as I love weddings!