Reading up on Split Grade Printing and looking at some videos on Utoob, I decided to try my hand at it. The best article written on this topic that I could find is by Les McLean.

He really explains the process well and with picutres .... (i learn better with pictures ..)
Anyhow I didn't follow the method exactly, and made the soft and hard exposures on the same paper. Here is the image with exposure time written on it.

I opted for the #00-6s and #5-4s. This exposure gave me this rather flat image.

hmm ... this looks better scanned and uploaded than on actual paper. Anyhow, take my word for it is as flat as a prickled bladder. I especially considered the highlights, they were what i liked. so I kept the #00 time at 6s. I needed the image to have this image a little more punch. so I changed the time #5 to 6s.

ok .. so i am trying to save some paper....
the shadow details on the LHS lily disappeared ... i thought i should decrease the soft exposure a bit as well as... so the next try it #00-5s, #5-5s:

slightly more pleaseing, but still the murky details .... so next it was
#5 - 3s
#5 - 2s dodging the lily on the left
This looked better:

This is what i'll be using for the final print trying to keep other factors such as developer freshness, temp, etc., the same. I won't be using the same paper though, don't know how that'll affect the final print....
Missi - Aug 05 2013
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