Starting a new phase where I'm enjoying scenery pictures more and doll pictures less. My doll photography started with a Barbie doll found years ago in a thrift store and that expanded to using Blythe and BJD's. Friends have asked me why I take pictures of dolls. My answer to that question is because I have always enjoyed taking pictures of people and discovered with that first Barbie that using a doll instead of an actual human was easy and fun. On Flicker I stayed on the fringe of groups involved in doll photography but was not at all involved in any other sort of photograpy groups. Here on ipernity it seems that I will be going in the other direction because of finding the members to be so welcoming. When I first joined ipernity I favorited a few beautiful nature related photographs, and through that action was invited to add my pictures to a few groups and made some contacts. I have no illusions about being a good photographer but have always enjoyed taking and looking at pictures so I am very pleased to have found a community of people to share my interest with.