I'm enjoying writing blog type posts here on ipernity and here's what's on my mind today. I normally prefer taking my doll photographs outdoors, especially now in the early summer when everything is so green and pretty. I'm not brave enough to venture out of my yard into the public eye with my dolls, but I have plenty of space in my yard to be creative with my shots. The Texas summer bugs are out in force now, meaning taking outdoor pictures can be painful. A few days ago I was out there, either laying or sitting on the ground while taking pictures and today I'm covered in itchy bites, spider, fire ants and chigger bites everywhere. The little bastards even climb under my clothes and bite me in places that they have no business being. I suppose I could take pictures while standing in my swimming pool, but last year I had a little problem with dropping my camera into the water...oops.. or I could sweep, sweep the bugs off the concrete floor of the covered deck area and take pictures there, but I still run the risk of being bitten. What do you do to keep from being bitten?