Opal with her 3 kittens During the winter, three stray female cats found their way to our house and decided stay. Two of them look to be sisters from the same littler. We fed them and made warm beds for them in our garage. Now all three are having babies!

Coco had two (thank goodness, only 2!!!) little kittens on March 20, so they are about 3 ½ weeks old. I think one is a boy and one a girl, so I have tentatively named them Jack and Jilly. Opal had three kittens on March 31, so they will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. They are 2 girls and 1 boy—I think, not quite sure yet. The third cat, Jade, just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I’m really worried as to how many kittens she is going to have.

The cats with the babies had to be removed from the garage because our other strays wander in and out and cause a lot of stress for the new mama cats. Coco and her kitties were moved into my husband’s new heated garage/workshop and seem very content there. Opal and her kitties are now living in our extra bedroom which is somewhat upsetting for our indoor cat, Purrl, because she considers that her room. We are uncertain were to relocate Jade when the time comes—maybe our utility/storage room in the basement.

I’ve started an album with photos of all the new little kittens:

They are all so adorable, and we are becoming quite attached to them. Adopting them out to new homes will be very hard. Arrangements are already under way for spaying the three mama cats at the appropriate times.