Keira and Kyle enjoying a boat ride Our boat finally made it into the lake shortly before the Fourth of July. So one beautiful sunny day, Keira and Kyle were able to enjoy their first boat ride. Here they are wearing their cute new swimwear from Jo’s Doll Shop. They are all set for their tour of the chain of lakes.

The trip began on our small, quiet, and somewhat weedy lake. It’s a great place to observe water and shore flora. There is a small inlet with a lot of lily pads and wild irises growing along the lake’s edge. As we traveled through the water, our boat made interesting ripply reflections of the plants along the shoreline. The lake is home to make loons.

We left our small, tranquil lake through a channel which leads to an entire chain of much larger lakes. Because the weather is so beautiful and we are nearing a holiday weekend, there is a lot of activity on this lake. The wind is making waves that get even bigger when other boats pass by. There are many sailboats, speed boats and pontoon boats on the lake. In some of the very shallow areas, swimmers have even gotten out of their boats to enjoy the water.

One of our favorite boat ride activities is looking at the many beautiful homes along the shoreline. Oneis decorated with red, white and blue banners to celebrate the Fourth. Another belongs to the owner of an NFL team. I won’t name the team, but will say that it is not the Vikings.

Kyle has been watching my husband drive the boat and thinks that he should be given a chance to try it. The problem is that the steering wheel is a little too big for him to handle.

After our fun day on the lake, we are ready to head back. A small tree marks the channel leading to our quiet little lake. And then we are almost home.

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