"No group Graphic Award Banners to be posted in my Comments, please"

The main reason that I joined Flickr was to share my photos on a site with like-minded photographers and to receive constructive criticism on how to improve my photography. The members on IP. will possibly do that for me. Flickr appears to have become a site mainly for members who wish to collect as many awards as possible, where these are awarded by the push of a button without the button-pusher having the decency to leave a personal comment on the displayed image. I wonder how many of the majority ever peruse the image before pasting the group logo? I have left behind many contacts on Flickr who have offered me advice and have helped me to improve my photography. I will miss those who chose to remain, but I am meeting up with old friends and other Flickr Refugees on this site. I have already made some wonderful new IP. acquaintances and have viewed some of their wonderful work. I hope that they will understand if I do not comment on every image that they display, but I wish to assure them that I will enjoy viewing these whenever possible.

I really appreciate the people who view my images. They are not required to leave a comment unless they wish to do so. I will not be offended by comments made offering suggestions on how the image could have been improved, this is how one grows.

Kind regards to fellow photographers,