After the recent updated version of Flickr was released I was looking for a new photo sharing site with a cleaner layout and I'm happy that I was directed to ipernity. I have been a Flickr member for over two years and was disappointed by the new layout to say the least. I'll be migrating my 7000+ images over the next few days and will of course continue to add to my collection as I go out exploring. Please bear with me as I organize and sort through my large collection.

In addition to my photography I operate a blog, Views of Buffalo that deals with historic preservation, current events, history and architecture in Buffalo, NY. Many of the albums or photos here will make their way into my posts over time as I continue my advocacy for Buffalo's rich architectural heritage. I shoot all over the city, but most often on the east side. As a result there is a mix of restored buildings, buildings undergoing rehabilitation, and many sad cases of buildings headed to the landfill.

My older photos reflect my previous lack of photography skills and cheap camera, but now I shoot with a Canon G12 and know what I'm doing. I'll be going through my older photos once completely uploaded and getting rid of the truly bad ones. However, I think it's important to keep some of the older photos before I knew how to shoot properly as a reference.