South East London CAMRA’s May beer festival for 2014 will be at the Charlton Park Rugby Club, 60a Broad Walk, Kidbrooke, SE3 8NB. It runs from Thursday 1 May to Saturday 3 May


Mikes Eltham Gold
(SE London) Med Dry 6.0% Locally produced (by one of our cider bar volunteers ), made from apples from two gardens in nearby Eltham.

(Kent) Med 7.0% A Family owned, traditionally run apple orchard using equipment dating back to the 1950’s/60’s. Use 30 types of native English apple, some with magical names including "Peasgood-Nonsuch" and "Warner King". The cider is made from culinary and eating apples and has a light clear colour and crisp flavour.

(Kent) Med Swt & Med Dry 7.5% Very popular at our festivals. A clear and easily drinkable cider from Chiddingstone. Set up in 1987 and only uses Kentish apples.

(Kent) Dry 7.4% Unfiltered cider using Kentish apples. Good apple character, nicely dry and tart with light tannins.

(Lancashire) Med 6.0% Started in 2011. From Clitheroe in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley, using Lancashire apples.

Golden Squirrel
(W Sussex)
Dry 6.4% From Chichester, a new cider from their own unique shoreline orchard. All their ciders are natural and unfiltered. Non-pasteurised with no additives.

Med Dry TBC A new producer from Canterbury that was very popular at last year’s festival. The family farm has a magnificent thatched barn with a cider bar!

Med TBC New producer from Canterbury. Delicious cider with tannic tones.

(NE London) Med & Med Dry 7.5% London's main producer, founded in 2010 in Woodford Green. They source unwanted fruit from local back gardens and turn it into cider.

Hedge Layer
Med 4.8% Made from apples free from pesticides & chemicals, grown in their orchards in Somerset, fermented and matured in oak barrels. This cider contains no sulphites.
Hedge Layer - A light and refreshing cider. Lovely rounded, medium flavour. A real thirst quencher..

Rioja Cask
Med 6.7% Rioja Cask - Aged in red wine barrels, a full flavoured cider with hints of wood tannin. For the connoisseur.

Herne Hill Mix
Fairlawn Blend
(SE London)
Med 5.0%
Med Sweet 5.0%
Locally made by the Cider Bar manager with help from volunteers on an apple pressing day on One Tree Hill Allotments, using unwanted apples. Herne Hill Mix has cider apples sourced from a garden in Herne Hill.
Since small amounts are made, strictly one third per customer. This is the only festival with these ciders.

(Mid Wales) Dry 6.8% Founded in 2000. Makers of traditional cider and a limited amount of perry using 100% fruit, mainly sourced from their own or other orchards in Radnorshire. Entirely natural fermentation with absolutely no additives.

(Wiltshire) Med TBC From the village of Sherston, located on the south east fringes of the Cotswolds. They grow 9 traditional varieties of vintage quality apples and produce chemical free ciders.

(Devon) Med TBC Ventons’ methods are as traditional as they get! Hand-picked, vintage cider apples are crushed and pressed a ton at a time through straw on a traditional oak twin-screw press, then fermented and matured in oak barrels to produce a clear and clean natural cider.

(Somerset) Dry 6.0% Founded in 1917and since 1966 run by Roger Wilkins, a well known character who has appeared numerous times on TV. A pilgrimage to the farm overlooking Westhay Moor Valley is a must for cider lovers. A fairly dry cider, but not in an overpowering way. There is a slight bitterness and tang to it and just a genuine cider taste.


Two Trees
(Glamorgan) 6.0% Started in 2001, only makes cider/perry using traditional methods and getting a good number of awards.
A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate.

(Gloucestershire) 5.8% This small family operation was started by the late Ray Hartland, a local farmer at Flat Farm on the outskirts of Staunton. This award-winning perry is rich and tasty with flavours of pear, wood, spices, mild yeast and some white wine-like notes along with mild sweetness.

(Somerset) 6.5% A gorgeous, smooth, quite sweet perry with dessert apples/pears and vanilla flavours. Has an attractive fruit-purée character. Very more-ish.

(Herefordshire) 7.5% Started in 2000, they make Perry using traditional methods from organic orchards, and have won many awards.

(Monmouthshire) TBC Ambitious new family-run project including a cider house. They are planting a museum orchard of two trees of each variety of Welsh cider apple and perry pear tree.

The Cider and Perry bar welcomes visitors to The First Kidbrooke Beer and Cider Festival. We have an excellent range so make one of your visits a session trying the cider & perry.

For anyone not familiar with real cider and perry, they are a lot stronger than the gassy sugary commercial brands found in most pubs. We don't serve any with ice!
These Ciders and Perrys start life as a real natural product and remain as such,
made with traditional processes.

When you arrive at the cider stand, if you aren’t sure just ask the staff, we are friendly. We will guide you to find one that will suit your palate and you will be offered a sample first so you purchase a drink that you will enjoy. Some are very dry while some are very sweet so if you don’t have any idea as to your preference then we can guide you
to find one that you will appreciate.

Another important thing to remember is that beer and cider do not mix very well!

There will be voting forms for your favourite cider and perry so please take the time to fill it in. All that needs to be said now is enjoy.

Please note that, although we take every care to ensure the accuracy of this list, we cannot guarantee that any particular listed cider or perry will be available through the entire festival, or at all.