Eleanor of Lancaster was born 11 September 1318 the fifth daughter of Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster and Maud Chaworth.

She married twice:
First - on 6 November 1330 she married John de Beaumont, 2nd Baron Beaumont, son of Henry Beaumont, 5th Earl of Buchan, 1st Baron Beaumont. and Alice Comyn. He died in a tournament on 14 April 1342. They had one son, born to Eleanor in Ghent whilst serving as Lady-in-waiting to Queen Philippa of Hainault.
Second - 5 February 1344 after what was rumoured to have been a long affair, she married Richard at Ditton church, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire after a Papal dispensation because they were first cousins.
Together they had 7 children.
Eleanor died the 11th January 1372 aged 60 and was buried at Lewes Priory. when Richard died four years later he requested that he was to be buried"...near the tomb of Eleanor de Lancaster, my wife; and I desire that my tomb be no higher than hers, that no men at arms, horses, hearse or other pomp, be used at my funeral, but only five torches ... as was about the corpse of my wife, be allowed."