I really made this account sort of grudgingly, I was sad that most/some people seem to have left Flickr. I've been trying to stay there, because it was a great doll community. But these last few days it seems dead. Very few uploads, even fewer comments... it breaks my heart a little bit.
So I've come here, looking for the people I'm missing. And it's not so bad. Once I figured out how to see activity etc, I like it. It's certainly loading quicker than Flickr is for me now.
So we'll see. I'm not abandoning Flickr, I just bought my pro subscription 2 months ago, so I'm being stubborn and refusing to purchase a Club account here just yet. Part of that is also because I'm waiting to see if this site is just a temporary fad and if people will migrate back to Flickr eventually...

But I do have to say, I like this articles feature. I love rambling posts, it helps organise my thoughts so this is very handy XD