Starting a new blog is like getting a new hair color for me; it usually happens when there are big changes (merely perceived or maybe even real?) happening in my life. I don't mind the new flickr layout, that's not what drove me here. I just really like the blogging function of ipernity, and also enjoy the feeling of starting on a clean slate. Getting rid of some baggage so to speak.

Which is what I've been doing in my life the last few months; sort through stuff, get rid of things that clog me down. I've not been doing well this year so far, but to my amazement (and surprise) a big positive change is now happening and it is (at least partially) due to being forced to reconsider my life.

This blog/photo collection will focus less on dolls and more on my life itself (which may include dolls); also there will be crafting (knitting/crochet), some gaming screenshots and many many random things.