After 7 years I have just cancelled my Flickr-pro membership. Don't get me wrong, Flickr has been good to me and in many ways I'm sad to be bowing out. I have made some wonderful contacts, friends and it has also provided some me with some great opportunities. Above all, it provided me with inspiration and helped to improve my photography. However, I was not comfortable with the recent changes, hence the cancellation of my subscription.

I will be still running my Flickr account for some time before fully migrating here. It is time for a change and I hope Ipernity will help improve my photography further. Recently, Flickr was becoming a habit with too many groups and contacts. It seemed to be a case of quantity over quality; I'm now looking to redress that balance. This will be a new challenge.

It's great to renew connect with some of my old Flickr contacts and to make some new ones as well. Here's to a bright future.