Once in a while I might upload pictures “not safe for work” (no porn). Since for the time being ipernity lacks of an effective filtering system (like the one on flickr), I’ve marked all my contacts as friends. So my contacts will be able to see my “private” content, too. Should you prefer not to see those pictures, please let me know by ipernity mail or in comments. I will then change our contact from “friend” to “acquaintance” which prevents you from seeing my private content. Thanks.

For the rules effective on ipernity concerning nudity see also:


[Edit] The above link might not work for you since it points to a support ticket concerning the policy of ipernity towards nudity. Here’s the complete answer:

Concerning the moderation on ipernity, here is the rules that are applied:

- First of all, ipernity is a place to host and share original content, not copyrighted photos grabbed from the web or stolen pictures.

- You must only publish contents you are the author and/or you get sufficient rights

- Content featuring underaged (-18) models in a sexual manner is strictly forbidden (even is shared in private)

Nudity is accepted for public share when:
- The context is not sexual;
- The main subject photo / video is not a genital organ (no close-up on the genitals)
- The model does not take an offensive / sexual manner
- The model is not underaged (under 18)

We suggest you apply those following rules :
- Underaged (-18) models => REMOVE (consider also those we can have doubts on their age)
- Total nudity => PRIVATE
- Zoom in ass/genitals/breast, sexual touching, sexual positions => PRIVATE

Besides, nakedness and offensive content is not permitted in member icons.

A content filter system is gradually being put in place to best preserve children and people who might be sensible to inappropriate content. The content filter only works at this time on the mobile version and the new iPhone application of ipernity which is due to come out very soon. You can set this filter at your convenience in your account's settings.

Kind regards, lea