The changes that have occurred at Flickr have prompted my migration here, together with many others, it seems, and it's nice to find myself among friends again!

With a new environment, one always thinks of the possibilities of doing things in other ways, and the internet is no different, so although I initially thought that I would transfer all my Flickr stuff here, and I did transfer one block of pictures, using the Greasemonkey script, I am now considering importing only those images that have given me particular pleasure.

Similarly, as & when I post new images here, I'm not sure whether I will continue to put pictures into groups, (incidentally, does anyone know how to view an entire list of Ipernity groups? I have searched in vain!). Some of the groups on Flickr had become enormous, the speed of uploads meant that a picture only remained visible on the home page for a few minutes!

This is exactly the sort of frenetic, thoughtless, posting, that Yahoo is trying to encourage, presumably to attract more profitable advertising, and I want no part of it, and this might stimulate other changes in my postings. I had thought also to abandon my practice of writing a little description of the image, and equipment used, but since one of my goals when I started posting on Flickr was to demonstrate what is possible with an old camera, further, some of my more obscure pictures are almost meaningless without some kind of explanation, and since my goal here is just the same, I will continue to inflict my observations on you all!

I have the impression that this is more calm environment than Flickr, and I hope it continues to remain so, and once again, I am delighted to see so many friends here.