It's Matilda&Charlie&Josie from flickr. I've set up an account so I can view my friends posts here. I'm staying with flickr at the moment, but I want to come over here and see my contacts stuff as I will miss them at flickr.
The photos I posted were just random for my little identity square, I just kept changing my mind. I'm working it out as I go. This seems good, just need to get the hang of it.

I'm still struggling to home this last rescue kitten, and finding a good vet not too far away, I think I've found a good one about 25minutes away. I took Matilda and Josie because they've also got this same ear scratching problem that Raphael has. The vet was thorough and he was very informative. He put my mind at ease and wants to know how things go.

Ipernity is nicer on the eye to view photos. I prefer the white background most of the time.