I can use any number of online storage sites to host my images, but what I cherish is an online photo sharing community.
I want to share images with other photogs and learn from their experiences behind the viewfinder. I want to see the world through someone else's eyes for a minute and be able to laud them when I appreciate what they've captured and shared.
I still have questions to ask more experienced shooters about the medium, gear and techniques.
I want to show others what bits of the world I notice.
Flickr used to satisfy that criteria, but not anymore.
I don't know if this has anything to do with why the Flickr staff doesn't seem to get it, but when I saw a photo of the staff over there..they all seemed very young. It occurs to me that perhaps since they look pretty fresh from school days, finding a community of people to relate to has never been much of a problem for them yet.
Once one gets a half century behind them, access to larger pools of people to find companions from is far more rare.