Abigor Jewelry - Fundraiser for my daughter's heart treatment

The incomparable Abigor has offered up several items of her beautiful handmade jewelry for sale, with the proceeds to benefit my daughter’s medical bills. Details in the linked entry, but the short version is that Kira has cardiomyopathy (damage to her heart muscle) and we need to raise money for her care on really short notice (we just found out on the 28th.) I’m selling other items, including dolls.


I’m sharing this here so that it can be signal-boosted — and even if you can’t help in any other way, a share/repost on any social network would be incredibly helpful right now.

Here's my Tumblr post: ashbet.tumblr.com/post/58129989375/the-incomparable-laura-has-offered-up-several

Direct link to doll sales post is here: ashbet.livejournal.com/2331302.html

Thanks so much, and much love to all of you! <3