So, I'm beginning the slow process of migrating my photos over here from Flickr -- please excuse a bit of dust and disorder as the process continues (I'm going to have to go through and hand-edit all the random number strings out of the titles, for example), and you'll notice that the photos vary in quality -- that's because some of them go back to 2005, and I've had some practice with a camera since then!!

I'll have to see if I can organize my albums by the date the photo was taken, which would help a lot -- but if you see some old familiar faces, and notice the wild variation in picture style/resolution, that would be why!

I'm actually kind of excited, because I know that some of the awesome dolly friends who I've met in the intervening years never saw my earlier pictures . . . and I'm enjoying watching the Ipernity doll community start populating all the groups and their own albums as the weeks have gone by.

Looking forward to seeing what all of you have to share with me, and I hope that you have fun with my favorite pictures from years gone by! :)