House work is more difficult to me.
So busy with the house work recently, coz the nanny has resigned and left us on our own since April. I have less time for myself, but that's OK. I m happy to physically take care of my family so far.

The kids have become more independent. My 3 years old boy has learned to take the laundry out of the machine and ask me to hang them dry, or he will have no school uniform to wear. LOL

My 9 years old girl. She asked me to help her in her dictation preparation. Then I read the paragraph for her while I was pressing. Oh! that was not me to beg her to prepare for that XD

Kids now are getting used to wearing the slippers at home, coz the floor has too many crumbs and dust for the bare feet LOL LOL. as I have never succeeded to get them wear slippers before. LOL.

That is just not so necessary to keep the house so well sometimes ;D