My name is Amy I have been an avid Blythe collector for 7 years now and I love it! I love all the people I've met on TIB and Flickr your all fabulous!

I am a zany soul with a passion for Blythe, fashion, dogs, music, The Mighty Boosh and The Doors (oh and I am in absolute love with Johnny Depp!).

I love men with long hair, laughing out loud, wintry nights, snow, dogs, wearing high heels, smoking a fag and dancing my socks off!

My girls are as follows:

Ruby Blue (SBL)- Custom Rosie Red Encore by Em at Pure Blythe
Coco (SBL)-Natasha Moore
Kitty Rae (BL)- Goldie
CeCe (BL)- Aztec Arrival
Sundance (EBL)-Custom Mohair by Darragh aka Love Alice
Bowie Bloom (FBL)- Bloomy Bloomsbury
Effy (SBL)- Frosty Frock
Cassidy (EBL)- Picca EBL
Jenna (RBL) - Fashion Obsessed Jenna
Heathcliff (EBL) - Love Mission
Adelaide (RBL)- Dainty Guava/Simply Biscuit hybrid custom by Donna
Tabby Snow (KB) - Blonde Kenner
Carnaby Faithfull (SBL) - Silver Snow
Sorrell (BL)-Mondrian
Stevie Blue (EBL) - Asian Butterfly
Harlot Whisper - Custom Marzipanda Vampire chick
Neptune - Factory Alexis
Paisley - Factory cotton candy girl
Fontaine - Red Delicious
Sage - Raven KB
Jezebel Lazerbeam - Custom by the babelicious Sofieplops

We are a happy always on the grow family!