I want to thank everyone for finding me here, and for adding me!
I am so happy, that i've found this site and that the majority of my flickr friends and fans
are slowly migrating here! My biggest fear when flickr went down the drain was
that I would lose my friends and all of my photos...everything!
I am not deleting my flickr account, I plan to use BOTH at least for a good long while
as I just can't abandon the last 6 years of photos and comments and faves!
I will be starting over here, and I REALLY hope that you all will continue to be just as active here :'D I'd be so sad without your photos and love!!!!!

I will be posting dolly photos, life photos, and blog articals such as this!!!!
I am excited to start over new here....
I hope I get the hang of things quickly as I am usually so slow with new sites LOL!!!!

Forgive me as I will be uploading older flickr photos here, on days that I do not have the ability to take brand new ones :) gotta get them all over here sooner or later right?

*Big hugs and love*