Dear Kid,

Once upon a time, there was a chocolate-covered pretzel.

But this was no ordinary chocolate-covered pretzel, oh no. This was a Pocky from Japan, a sweet, slender creation enrobed in a delicate layer of chocolate. Also, it was actually more of a biscuit.

Pocky was beloved throughout the world for many years. At convenience stores, at Asian supermarkets, online and offline, dipped in a glass of cold milk or nibbled out of the mouths of lovers... truly, Pocky was loved by all.

Or so it seemed.

But soon, a plain old chocolate-covered pretzel (biscuit) was not enough.

Soon there was Strawberry Pocky, Milk-flavored Pocky, Caramel Pudding Pocky...

Pocky covered with almonds, Pocky tasting like almonds...

Mango Pocky and Coconut Pocky and Apricot Pocky and Orange Pocky.
Green Tea Pocky and Cappucino Pocky and Royal Milk Tea Pocky.
Pocky for Men.

And then... came Pocky G.

Pocky G had a new biscuit-formula. It was firmer, crisper, more rich and chocolatey. It had a satisfying crunch, and was good down to the last bite.

Poor Regular Pocky didn't stand a chance.

Children turned up their noses at Regular Pocky. "Too soft!" they complained. "Not crunchy enough!"

Adults who had grown up with Regular Pocky shook their heads sadly. "It's not as good as I remember," they wistfully said.

And so the boxes of Regular Pocky stood on the store shelves, looking shabby and forlorn, while their more exotic cousins sold more and more each day.

And that, Kid, is why you're getting the lower-priced candy instead of the posh top-of-the-line model. You don't want to make Regular Pocky cry, do you?