So, my whole life has just been tossed up in the air in just about every way imaginable. Ok.... maybe not every way, but in some big ones...

First, Ipernity vs Flickr! The epic battle of 2013!!!! I got an Ipernity account because everyone else was even though I like Flickr's new look. And then I discovered that I really like Ipernity! Like, even more than I ever liked flickr, ever! so, that was unexpected. And then everything was all wishy washy as I tried to decide what to do. Stay on flickr or move to ipernity permanently? Maintain both accounts? Transfer my flickr photos to ipernity?

I've decided I'm going to move to Ipernity for good. I will let my Flickr pro account expire and join the Club here. I'm still going to stay active on Flickr as far as commenting and browsing goes... but I will *probably* only post photos on Ipernity. I am not going to transfer my Flickr photos, but start anew here. My photography skills have improved quite a bit since I started out on Flickr in 2009 and I would like my Ipernity account to reflect those improvements.

I'm excited! I'm also excited to see so many of my friends here! I really like this place!

In other news.... We will be closing on our house this Wednesday, and be officially moved out of this apartment by Saturday. We're in the middle of packing right now. All this should be well and good, but it's really more stressful than ever. We had some recent pretty awful news and will be taking a huge hit to our bank accounts in the next 4 to 5 months as a result... Hopefully, things will get sorted and be ok. But it's hard to stay positive. I don't want to go into too much details cuz honestly I'm sick of talking about it. It's depressing and frustrating and it makes me so ANGRY!

But, Beau and I are stronger than ever. Banding together to fight evil! XD I love him. :)

anyways.... lots of changes and things going on in my life right now, so I'll be sporadic at best for a while. Don't miss me too much! ;)