Hello guys,
i want tell you a story. In the moment i seen flickr the first time it was love on the first sight. The clear layout , the beautiful pictures and all around. But then flickr changed her layout ( i not against chainges at all but i cant stand with such a big one ) into a confusing one. I dont like the black background, the frontview and many more.
I tried to find my way on flickr, because flickr bring me many nice moments, friends and much inspiration but i cant handle it. So decide to create account on ipernity. I miss the favorites, the old style from flickr and many contacts but i think i can get more fun with it as with the "new" flickr. I really sad about the changes and my choicen "leaving" flickr halfway.
I still have a account on flickr with uploading picture, write comments and those but i think the "love" is gone :(

I hope ipernity give me some a time like flickr ;)


PS: I try to start a new blog her since my blog on lj is abandoned. I post some clothes, thoughts and perhabs more. I have no clue how and when but i promise i will update then more as my lj ;)