What you will need

A tripod, remote shutter release and a camera capable of bulb mode. An orb string, this can be home made or just a set of battery powered LED christmas Tree Lights, I make my own and for them I use a large spread of about 10 Ultra Bright LEDs just gelled different colours. I find for these the best exposure is at about f7.1 / ISO200 with the shutter speed set for the metering level for the background exposure. If it is totally dark then the exposure is what ever length of time you feel like!

Making the Orb

I will speak as a right handed person here (just swap left for right if your the other way around)!!.

Have the orb string in your right hand at about waist height and spin to your righthand side. I try and find something on the floor to focus on like a pebble or bit of Chewing gum, if all else fails drop a coin on the floor. I have this about 5 inches away from my right little toe and spin the orb head over this at all times. I try and look down over my right hand at where the orb tool head is passing then I start shuffling backwards in a circle trying to keep my right foot the same distance from the floor marker and passing the head of the orb tool over it too.

This is probably where I differ from most people as to complete a full orb you only need to go around 180deg, I do 720. Twice around. I have found this to be the key to making fuller orbs.
Another thing you need to concentrate on is keeping the string upright but if you go around at least 360deg then this problem masks itself out somewhat. I have found a good marker for the uprightness of the string is if you can feel it just touching the side of your head as its going around.

I use a lot of weight in my orb string to help the swing. And I spread the LED’s out quite a bit. All of mine are 10 ultra bright LED’s covered in different gels.
I will be posting a tutorial on the building of an orb string shortly.