Ok, so I figured that I would do a small tutorial for anyone interested as to how I make these... They are all done in one single exposure, sometimes of at least 8 minutes. Here we go then.

A suitable light source will need to be suspended from the ceiling. I use a cuphook in the garage roof and hang a single white LED with a battery and switch all taped onto the end of around 4ft of string. You can also use a mini maglite with the defuser removed. I find these harder to use as the light burns to hot and means it is more difficult to gel different colours as these then melt.

Once the light is suspended, place the camera on a tripod directly underneath this light using as wider lens as you have got... I have mine on 11mm!! The 'Physiogram' that is shown in the picture is physically about 5ft wide!

Now turn the room lights off and start the light swinging. Open the shutter on the camera and let the light swing until your desperate to see what you have recorded. Close the shutter and inspect the outcome.

Once you have the technique down for the swing of the string and the length of time that you need to leave it swinging for then you can start expermenting.... Gel the light a different colour (quality street wrappers are good here!), put the lens cap on the camera and start it going again in another direction then remove the lens cap again.... Add a background with some EL wire or tinfoil and a light... Or just experement and see where it takes you... Be warned though... Hours will pass and it can get a wee bit addictive.

All the best, and any questions just drop me a mail or a comment.