Hi everyone,

here's a little bit about me.

I am 21 and while I have a wide variety of general interest, I currently like collecting dolls. I collect Barbie dolls, Monster High dolls and (12inch) action figures, but I like all the other dolls as well.
(though sometimes I feel too old to be collecting dolls)

I love drawing for the joy of expressing my feelings and I like reading books. My favorite autors are Jenna Black, Jeaniene Frost & Arina Tanemura. (I prefer mangas, love romance novels and fantasy books). I´m a Resident Evil fan ( video games ONLY)^^ and i like to play video games in general.

I´m also a big fan of DIY, because it´s so much fun ♥

By the way I´m a flickr refugee too, because I´m upset by the changes (╥﹏╥).
Though for the time being I will keep my flickr accout open.

Thanks to everyone who has added me as a contact.
I´m looking forward to see your pictures : )