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  • How to keep Tags in order they are typed?

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    Is it just me or does this happen to everyone, lol? When I carefully type my Tags in the order I want them and then click on Add, they appear in random order, which is really annoying and not useful. Also, if I copy and paste a batch of Tags from flickr and paste with a photo here, the Tags get rearranged. Is there a way to change some setting somewhere, that I have missed? Does anyone know how to solve this - would be great if someone does : ) Thanks, everyone! Oh, and on ipernity, if you…

  • Finally, I've joined the Club!

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    Yay, I've finally got round to becoming a Club member a few minutes ago! Next thing to do, when I get bits and pieces of "free" time, is to start adding the 8,980 photos I have on the flickr website to my ipernity account. Seems like a monumental task ... but, there's no hurry! I posted my very first photo on flickr on 27th August 2006, and hopefully, I've gradually improved since then : ) The staff at ipernity deserve our thanks for making the transition from flickr so great!

  • More than one copy uploaded of some photos

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    Can anyone help me? Some of my most recent images are appearing twice on my photostream. I deleted the extra copies of two of the photos I posted today and then they appeared back again and had to be deleted again. Just noticed that this has been happening on my last 12 or so pages of images. Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks so much if you are able to help! Later: I think I know why this might be happening. When I've been transferring Sets over to ipernity, if a photo is not alrea…

  • Success!

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    I think I must have spent seven or eight hours today, trying to work out how to start transferring my almost 9,000 photos that are posted on flickr, lol! Part of the problem was that I couldn't remember my Yahoo password, so that all had to be changed. Then came downloading the two scripts to enable the transfer. Once the import to ipernity box appeared beneath the banner of my flickr page, it was the easiest thing in the world to click on the first 90 images to be copied .... then the second…