I think I must have spent seven or eight hours today, trying to work out how to start transferring my almost 9,000 photos that are posted on flickr, lol! Part of the problem was that I couldn't remember my Yahoo password, so that all had to be changed. Then came downloading the two scripts to enable the transfer. Once the import to ipernity box appeared beneath the banner of my flickr page, it was the easiest thing in the world to click on the first 90 images to be copied .... then the second batch of 90 .... then the third .... Hey, folks, I think I'm addicted!!! This is so easy now - and I am so HAPPY and RELIEVED! Ha, ha, no need to comment on all my photos - a message especially for Art (LeapFrog) and Fran (Cats 93), two friends whom I value greatly. Gosh, I'm almost embarrassed to post many of the earliest shots, ha, but I do want an exact copy of flickr.