Heylo kittens!

Most people online call me Harmy/Harmoni as that's the name of my alt.

I have dolls - lots and lots of dolls. Many more dolls than I ever thought I would have. I didn't even like dolls. but they snuck in and then invited their friends! Started accumulating them in Dec 2012 and now have 20!!

The clan:

Rekviem - ADG AA Dollypunk21 custom
Melodi - ADG GG custom
Symfoni - VM
Rapsodi - SC Jodie<3Dolls custom
Virelai - Ambercarrart custom
Sonett - random custom RBL
Merridy - StSa/PDWW Rainbowcoton custom
Arie - ADG Custom
Ballade - PD2s
Serenade - TBL
Harmoni - PDSH Frankie Darling custom
Minne - SG Frankie Darling custom
Sailor and Pip - PD2a Jenn at Little Lilly Black Customs
Nocturne - FT Frankie Darling custom
Trieste - SP
Lullaby - SG Frankie Darling custom
Madrigal - _Creative_ custom
Larkin Bien - SM Bliss and Bien Custom
Hunter Prelude - Duckiemonster Custom

When I'm not talking to the girls I can be found online gaming, or playing my guitar badly whilst online gaming, or trying to speak Norwegian (again badly) whilst online gaming, or painting and drawing (which I can do pretty well) whilst online gaming . . .

Sometimes I teach Art and ICT to a bunch of disaffected teens . . . .

Been culling my Ipernity photos loads having block imported them all from Flickr. Despite the mass exodus and the fact that the whilte does work better with my images I am still finding it hard to let Flickr go. In the meantime, I am still posting my ADAD photo's there and posting just the photos here that I really like.

I like the idea of having a blog for my dolly stuff - but I cant imagine having anything interesting to write - and I already have blogs for my Art work, one for uni and one where I just ramble on about nowt really . . .

. . . desperately trying to stay away from anything that resembles a sales forum and stick to my dolly limit - I dont think I've ever been in a hobby that brings out the Pokemon Collector in me quite so much - "Gotta have them all!!" I have no space for any more dolls and not enough money to keep buying and clothes them all too!! Yet despite knowing that I still hop on BK and see pretty dolls that I really want - even better if she's at a bargain price - although if anyone had told me that I would consider £100 a bargain price for a doll a few months ago I would have thought they were all kinds of crazy.


Harmy xxxx