A Stained Glass Fish

Stained Glass Pattern Painting Technique:

To start you will need to open a simple line drawing in Photoshop and erase the background so it is on a transparency. Sometimes you may need to re-outline the lined drawing, and I do this with a number 5 hard brush using black paint.

Select textures that will bring out the colors, highlights and shading to make your subject stand out.

Layer first texture and send it to the back (Layer - Arrange - Send to Back). Now it is behind the lined drawing.

Erase everything but where you wish this color to reside.

Second texture open. Do the same and send it to the back of the layers. Now erase everything but the areas you wish these two textures to reside.

You can merge layers anytime and that will make it easier to work with just the image you are adding to plus one texture at a time.

When you have all your textures in place, choose a cover texture that will work with all textures in the design.

All this time the line drawing is on top.

Now to make the leaded stained glass look:

Add a second copy of the lined drawing and it should be on top of the Layers. Make sure it is highlighted in the Layers Panel. Go to the top Menu and choose Layers - Layer Style and add the Blending Modes as follows:

Check Drop Shadow - Inner Shadow - Outer Glow - Inner Glow - Bevel and Emboss - Contour - Stroke. The Stroke may add some additional black marks and you can just erase them.

Make sure the Angle is set properly for the light on the image (perhaps at 100-percent), Opacity at 75-percent. Then use the sliders to add the Distance (about 7 px) and Spread (about 12-percent) and Size (about 54 px). Noise stays at zero percent and I did not check the Anti-Aliased Box. These settings should bring out the shadows, however, I believe each image may vary.

See screen shot with setting for raised leading here:
<a href="www.flickr.com/photos/plumnutz/6833835375">www.flickr.com/photos/plumnutz/6833835375/</a>

Adding the second lined drawing will give the image the raised leaded stained glass look.

Layers - Merge Layers and done.

That’s it and please share your new artwork with me.