I am still pondering over the thought of owning a girl doll. Of course I refuse to buy another doll right now because I simply can't afford another doll with my current income. And I feel like this hobby is kind getting in the way other goals I need to overcome like saving for a car, buying myself clothes shoes learning how to drive etc. I also feel like owning a girl doll would be so new for me. I wouldn't really know to dress her at all. And would she be able to fit in with 4 other boys?

I am almost definite I want a Shushu her name will be Robin. Her hair color may be a carrot, blonde. or peach color. I want her hair to reach her shoulders. Her eyes will be hazel maybe or orange. I am also unsure of her style. I was thinking of mori maybe? Cutesy? Tomboyish vibe I am not sure. I hope that this is a phase and I only want a shushu cause I am loving Lorti's Arisu so much at the moment.