I still haven't gotten around to really playing around with this site. So far it's ok but something is missing and I am not sure what it is. Maybe it's the fact that I have to find my friends photos instead of actually appearing n my photostream....I just wish Flickr would give us the option of switching layouts instead of just making us like what they made. I hope I can get use to ipernity.

In other news Adele and Scotch should be home soon. I fee very bad for scotch though he has no clothes eyes or wig. Thank god they are just dolls. I have to wipe his faceup though, I really don't like it.

As for Adele he doesn't have much either. So now I am going to have 3 blank dolls. At least June is almost here. I will be able to ship them off to Denaliwind hopefully.

Also sorry for the lack of photos I haven't had the inspiration to take any. I just need new everything for everybody.

Blah blah I am just rambling on.