Another Harkness creation (1982), the Lord Mountbatten or, more simply, Mountbatten - as it is referred to on the rose garden list - also belongs, like the Peacekeeper, to the 'Floribunda' family. Harkness give the Mountbatten a scent rating of 5 which translates as 'heady or spicy perfume'.

You can almost sense the headiness in the deep yellows of this bud, so deep in fact they remind me of ochres and reds. I don't know how valid this is in terms of colour theory by the way :-)

A sudden shower made me consider resigning my photographic mission for the day, but soon stopped, leaving a few drops here and there, in the curves and hollows of the petals, just enough to provide bugs, ants, and all manner of tiny living things, lakes and oceans of freshwater. The leaves, in contrast to the bright gold of the petals, are of the deepest, darkest green. The contrast is striking, and quite testing of my photographic skills.

The learning curve:
Like everything I start quite innocently, I find myself learning new things at every turn - I am a walking question mark, and depending on the mood I am in, I find this personal trait to be a blessing, or a curse! In the case of the beautiful Rosa, I think I have started on an endless voyage of discovery, or possibly, may end up drowning in a bottomless well of information. All fun really!

One of the first things I have learnt so far is that the commonly quoted phrase 'a rose is a rose is a rose' [from the poem 'Sacred Emily' by Gertude Stein] could be extended ad libitum... there seems to be so many different kinds of roses, my head is spinning!

Furthermore, breeders - yep, apparently people who 'create' new varieties are called breeders - like to confuse the common of mortals like myself by giving them different names like an exhibition name, and a registered name - in the case of the Mountbatten (exhibition name), the registered name is Harmantelle. In the case of the Peacekeeper, mentioned in my previous post, the actual registered name is Harbella. Go figure...

I am sure there is plenty more to find out about this, but in the meantime, here is a close up of this beautifully fragrant Mountbatten.