The Rose Garden, at the top of Greenwich Park at the back of Ranger's House, was created in 1961 and extended in 1994.

You can view its lovely multi-coloured semi-cercle on Google Earth; by clicking on this link: Google Earth view of the rose garden, this will open a larger map in another window.

The garden is home to more than one hundred types of roses, and on a sunny day, their beautiful aromatic oils rise up in the air and you can smell them even when still a distance away from the gates. I love this rose garden, it is always kept so neat and tidy, although you hardly ever see anyone working in it - I wish I would sometimes see the gardeners, just to thank them and let them know how much joy they bring to people... Today, a mum and her two sons were smelling each and every flower trying to describe the smells, it was a piece of simple magic.

I have decided to try and photograph all the species you can find there - although so far, the lovely british summer weather seems to have decided against it! So here is the first one (in the order listed on the board in the garden) hoping there will be a few more rays of sunshine before the end of the season:

1 - Peacekeeper

This rose was introduced in 1995 by Harkness & Co, a nursery set up in Yorkshire in 1879. The Peacekeeper belongs to the family of 'Floribunda'; Harkness gives this rose a scent rating of 3, which correspond to 'musky or tea scent' on a scale going from 0 'neutral' to 8-10 'strong fragrance, often fruity'.

It has beautiful velvety orange petals, the colours going from pink to orange, to bronze... Harkness describe the colour as smoky orange blend, although I found it closer to pink.

You can view more photos of this rose in the album entitled Greenwich Park, Rose Garden...