Glad all my artist friends are hopping on board, here. The more I look, the more I like. I am concentrating on re-vamping my physical studio space, making business cards and posting new work to Etsy through the end of May to mid June. So I will check in here, and on flickr, with all my friends, and add new people and groups.

But I am not investing much time in posting new imges till next month. Maybe a few things, as I have the time. Portfolio and best portraiture will go here on iperinty.
My vintage and family photos, and some less important art will stay on flickr.
I needed a good cull, anyway. :)

I plan to start writing real letters again, after the Etsy push. Something I haven't done in about 7 months, at least! Be warned, in June you may be getting those never-sent Christmas cards and/or Valentines, and photos / artwork promised ages ago... if you want to be on my (rather unpredictable) mailing list, just send me a private note! I used to make an artform of writing and illustrating letters before was fun for me... striving for that, once more!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, folks!
Buttons a.k.a. Amy