I have been taking photos since the late 1960’s. In the 1970’s I was persuaded to join the Aylesbury Police Camera Club. Not that I was a policeman! The Club was open to other professions and I worked for Buckinghamshire County Council. APCC later became Stoke Mandeville Hospital Camera Club. I guess it was not just seeing other peoples work but receiving, in the most part, constructive criticism from judges that helped me improve my photography. To the point, on a good day, of being pleased with maybe two or even three shots from a 35mm 36-exposure film :-) Then, some long time back I pretty much lost interest in photography. That is until I met up with some ‘olde’ club members and this meeting combined with me finding out how digital was changing things gave me a fresh interest in photography. Then, in 2010 I met a photographer in Oxford and he mentioned sharing photos; in particular by using Flickr. I had not heard of Flickr but following this conversation I joined Flickr in September 2010. It was like a breath of fresh air. I found so much inspiration from the photos on Flickr and from building up many great contacts. Then, back in May 2013 it all went ‘orribly wrong!! I believe improvements can always be made to systems but what on earth Flickr staff were thinking with the major changes they inflicted upon unsuspecting users I still cannot work out!! Anyway, thankfully, there has been a silver lining and that, of course, is ipernity! I have already found that ipernity is a joy to use! There are wonderful photos to be enjoyed. In a very short time I have already made great contacts here. I particularly love the home page layout. So simple yet such an effective way of presenting a taster of a members’ work.

I am keeping my Flickr account going and that is because I don't want to lose my great contacts there!

Note to ipernity staff “please, please, please don’t make drastic changes to your system because it already works so beautifully.”