As I look at the viewing figures on flickr to the number of views on ipernity I wonder if I have made the right decision, or is ipernity to new to us and we should give it more time, have we had our time with photo sharing and it’s time to move on to something else. Certainly many of my old contacts are still posting on flickr and getting good responses and I have noticed some who have joined the new world are uploading again on flickr possibly to gauge reaction and measure one against the other. I don’t like flickr its too slow and the new look defeats the whole object of sharing, the interaction, there is simply no need to open photos and interact now. I’ve seen and accepted change and worked for companies who reinvent the wheel time and time again until it ends up square, then after years of telling us how good things are they bring in some new CEO pay them a fortune and they make the wheel round again. As for yahoo they made flickr square overnight and disregarded 30,000 complaints simply telling everyone its better, if it's too slow buy new equipment and and if you don’t like the new look then go leave, yes well, with a similar outlook to their own changes it came as shock to discover that after ten long years BT, as one web site refers, is ditching Yahoo as their email supplier for their customers which will also result in the loss of free flickr pro accounts for those same users, free being the only reason I began on the flickr site in the first place and free possibly the reason others are still with flickr.
This ending partnership of course has nothing to do with the sudden changes to the flickr site, far from it but it does make we wonder why after ten years BT is changing from Yahoo, perhaps Yahoo’s attitude of my way or no way doesn’t work when BT has a large market to choose from and will choose who offers the best deal, one suggestion is that the move away from Yahoo services is in reaction to a long history of BT customers complaining “about hacked accounts and spam”, obviously something else that Yahoo ignored.
There must be many thousands of flickr users who are customers and get their photo sharing site for free, just like I did, but not only that to quote “[BT had already announced that it would be revamping its site, putting "breaking news and simple access to email" together with user account and billing info from next month. The Press Association will be taking over the news service, cutting Yahoo! off from millions of Brits]”. Cutting Yahoo off from millions of Brits, a bold statement but what does that mean for the long term future for yahoo in Britain, what will the change actually mean for free flickr users, well I don’t know and personally I don’t care as I made my decision to move here, but move here in a slow organised manner, however as the change date is likely to be August I have some re thinking to do, I have no desire to pay for a service that is clearly not the best and therefore I may need to move my photos over a lot faster than I initially thought or give up for a while, I can see an interesting few months ahead as more flickr customers who stayed loyal simply because it was free to do so are face with a tough decision as they may now have to pay for a service they don’t really like, is there to be another large influx of users to ipernity, or will it simply split us further and both sites suffer as a result.